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Simple Single-entry Bookkeeping

Whee, the joy of simple single-entry bookkeeping.
Updated to 2023, added some learnings over the 2 years.
  • I have invoice/document PDFs on file of all the green incomes
  • I have receipt PDFs on file of all the red expenses
Here's the single-entry bookkeeping template that I use (LibreOffice Calc), now updated to 2023. It has gotten a bit more complicated than before, but the blue cells are a lifesaver. They're exactly what Finnish TAX officials ask from you in the Arvonlisäveroilmoitus and Veroilmoitus. I just copy and paste the correct values from the bookkeeping to the TAX forms. I've checked this with a professional bookkeeper:
Single-entry Bookkeeping Template (.ods)
Screenshot of my current 2023 bookkeeping file (with template financial information)