Simple Single-entry Bookkeeping

Whee, the joy of simple single-entry bookkeeping.

  • VAT-debt-column counts automatically purchases/expense-VATs out of the sales/income-VATs.

  • I have invoice/document PDFs on file of all the green incomes

  • I have receipt PDFs on file of all the red expenses

I've yet to discover how those Arvonlisäveromaksu and Ennakkoveromaksu are handled, though.

[EDIT] I have added a new row to the end called: "This much is good to have in the Tax Savings Account" and I have a separate savings account in bank in where I try to save this much in order to anticipate the taxes. The amount is ='Total Income' / 3 or the Total Income divided by three. That prevents me to spend it all :P

Here's the single-entry bookkeeping template that I use (LibreOffice Calc):