Just do it :)

If you have:
  • Some work experience
  • Some savings
  • Some potential clients
and have been dreaming of running your own company, it's not that hard thing to do eventually.
You don't need to fully know how to be an entrepreneur at the beginning. Things will work out easily if you're willing to learn as you go and to have the intention to pay the taxes when it's time for that.
Personally, I'm just a regular human being with no specific knowledge about these things and my business seems to run quite steadily. Clients seem to appear when I need them and if they don't, I market myself to new ones. There are a lot of companies who need the expertise that you may have to help them out. For some years it was good to be an regular employee, but I'm very happy I decided to found my little Studio Gearnoodle :)
- Manu Järvinen